Instapaper Weekly, An Email Newsletter Of The Week’s Best News


instapaper weekly


Instapaper’s Instapaper Daily feature, which shows the day’s most popular new story for your quick-consuming delectation, was apparently so successful that it has spawned a sequel. Instapaper Weekly. This time it’s not a new website which shows you an ultra-clean view of the day’s top Instapaper story: it’s an email newsletter.

Yes, email. The Instapaper Weekly digest is sent to subscribers every Sunday, and comprises the most popular Instapaper stories of the past seven days. As an email.

I like the idea of curated news delivered on a Sunday, but my email inbox is the last place I’m going to look on my day of rest. It’s a minefield of potential stress that I will be deliberately ignoring until Monday.

And I’m not the only one to think so. The comments on the Instapaper Blog post which announces thins new service are so far requesting to have the digest served up in Instapaper itself, as an RSS feed, or as a direct import into Pocket. I like this last one quite a bit.

Source: Instapaper Blog