MaxStone Remote Connects Camera And iPhone By Bluetooth And IR



MaxStone is yet another way to trigger your camera from your iPhone, with all the usual timer and detection options to fire the camera’s shutter from afar. But this one takes a different approach to the hardware. Instead of running a cable from the iPhone to the camera, the MaxStone uses a combination of Bluetooth and IR.

What could possibly go wrong?

In reliability terms, a wire will almost always beat a wireless connection, and if you have two different wireless connections the potential for interference increases. Still, I like the convenience and the clean look of this setup.

The MaxStone is a little pebble that receives its instructions from your iPhone via low-power Bluetooth 4, and sends them on to the camera using infra red. This requires that your camera be compatible with IR remotes (which many high-end DSLRs aren’t), but it also means that the makers of MaxStone don;t need to manufacture a different model for every camera. You can also trigger an alarm on your iPhone from the dongle (to find your phone) or vice versa (to find your camera).

Speaking of manufacture, the little pebble is a Kickstarter project, and it looks like a popular one: it’s already reached its goal with 48 days left on the clock. If you want to join in the fun, it’ll cost you a minimum of $35.

Source: iMaxMax
Via: Uncrate