Turn Your Photos Into Reminders With Shoots & Leaves


Never forget bulbs again.
Never forget bulbs again.

Every time I walk into a bookstore, I want to buy a book. Or three. Sadly, my budget doesn’t cover that all the time, because I go into bookstores quite a bit. To scratch that itch, I’ve turned to taking a photo of the book covers with my iPhone; that way, I get the satisfaction of doing something about my book lust without having to pull out the wallet each time.

Shoots & Leaves is a new iOS app that aims to solve the same problem, but for all those things you need to be reminded of, not just books you want to buy (though you can use it for that, too, I suppose).

Even better, the app won’t fill up your Camera Roll with pictures. Shoots & Leaves turns your photo into a link, which can then be sent to a Reminder, copied to the clipboard, or added to a project manager like Omnifocus. It all happens in the background, too, so you can just shoot the image, and then leave. Get it?

You can upload your photos to several services, including Dropbox and Imgur, and then automagically use the photo link to send an email, create a reminder, send a text message, copy it to the clipboard, or open it in Safari. You can even send to third-party apps like Drafts and Omnifocus, and the developer promises to add more in the future. The app also lets you create custom text layouts to include date and time information, or a specific text string to add.

Shoots & Leaves is available in the App Store Thursday, January 2, and is also on sale through the January 5. The sale price of $1.99 will rise to $2.99 on that date, so head over and check out the app while it’s on sale.

Source: App Store