Logic Pro X Update Adds 3 New Drummers, New Interface



Coinciding with the launch of the redesigned Mac Pro and the upgrade to Final Cut Pro X, Apple’s pro digital audio workstation Logic Pro X has also received a major update — in the form of a Mac Pro-optimized version number 10.0.5.

Updates includes 3 new Drummers and 11 new Drum Kit Designer patches.

There are additionally “significant enhancements” to Channel EQ and Linear Phase EQ plug-ins, with a redesigned UI, more accurate audio filtering (particularly for low frequencies), an oversampling option which improves high-frequency clarity, and the option to apply EQ to just stereo left, right, middle, or side signals.

Shuffle commands have received a boost too — with region names now assignable to track names with a simple command, as well as the colors of region and Mixel channels adjusted to reflect original Logic versions.

There are also 450 bug fixes, and various other tweaks and improvements which you can read about in full here.

Source: Apple

Via: Createdigitalmusic