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Learn how to produce polished audio on Logic Pro X


Logic Pro Lifestyle
Master the many features of the leading digital audio workstation with 45 hours of lessons.
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One of the greatest things about computers is how easy it is to create music. Even more so if you use a Mac, because of Logic Pro X, Apple’s industry–leading Digital Audio Workstation. With this massive collection of lessons, you can learn to use it like a pro.

Get your musical mojo working with technology [Deals]


Play Music
Turn your devices into powerful musical playmates.
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The internet has revolutionized music, and so have mobile devices. That’s as true of learning music as it is for listening to it, as these three deals demonstrate. With them, you can gain command of the ukelele, master Apple’s powerful Logic Pro X music-production program, and learn thousands of tunes straight from digital sheet music.

iMac redesign, cheaper HomePod, new Apple TV reportedly coming in 2020


iMac Apple
It's been almost eight years since the last iMac redesign.
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A redesigned iMac, a more affordable HomePod, and a powerful new Apple TV are just some of the products Apple has planned for 2020, according to one reliable reporter.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman also revealed expectations for the 5G iPhone lineup, scheduled to launch this fall, and for a 14-inch MacBook Pro during a Twitter Q&A with followers on Tuesday.

5 Ableton Live tips for GarageBand users


ableton live at home
Who needs to leave the house any more?
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If you’re a stuck-at-home musician, or just someone who would like to learn to make music with their Mac, then maybe you’ve just downloaded the generous, lockdown-era, three-month free trial of Ableton Live. And if you’re a GarageBand (or Logic Pro X) user, you may be feeling a little lost.

Fear not. I did the same thing last year. At first I was overwhelmed just trying to do basic stuff, like routing my guitar into Ableton or trying to work out why the app offers at least three record buttons.

So, as a relatively fresh Ableton user, I thought I’d make a list of handy tips for new users coming from Apple’s music apps.

Grab these pricey creativity apps and use them for free during the pandemic


Ableton and Logic Pro X free app trials: Nothing says
Nothing says "unbridled creative frenzy" like a mass of tangled cables.
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Being stuck at home with nothing to do but watch the world collapse around us is kind of a downer, but there are some upsides. One is that people are getting creative. Like, literally creative — making more music, writing and sharing videos. The other silver lining is that app-makers are offering big discounts and extended trials for some amazing apps.

For instance, Apple now offers a free, three-month trial of its music-production app, Logic Pro X. And Ableton just matched this offer with its Live Suite.

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The 2020 Music Production with Ableton Live 10 & Logic Pro X Bundle
Get 56 hours of training in songwriting, recording, production and distribution using the industry-leading music software.
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Being stuck at home with your computer doesn’t have to mean you’re not active. If you’ve got a copy of Ableton Live or Logic Pro, your laptop can be your platform for DJing, songwriting and producing music. With this massive bundle of lessons, you’ll get the skills to do all of the above.

Apple leaks new Logic Pro X Live Loops feature


Logic Pro X Live Loops
This screenshot shows an as-yet unreleased version of Logic Pro X.
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Sometime before this past weekend, Apple posted a screenshot of what is presumably an upcoming new version of Logic Pro X, its pro music-creation app, onto its education page. It shows a brand new feature, previously only seen in the iOS version of GarageBand: Live Loops. Live Loops is a way to trigger music clips live, on-the-fly, so you can create music like a DJ.

And the Logic version looks great. And more importantly, it finally adds Apple’s take on the Session View from Logic’s biggest rival, Ableton Live.