Why Apple’s Heartfelt Holiday Promo Might Be Their Best Ad Yet [CultCast]


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On our all-new CultCast: Apple has a new Christmas commercial and some are hailing it as their best ad yet; Mac Pro is Apple’s most powerful computer ever; Beyonce’s iTunes-only album release breaks all the records; an alarming new study shows pervs can use your Mac’s camera to peep your naked bod; and we choose on our favorite Christmas movies of all time!

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CultCast #105 – Poked by Prancer

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  • daov2a

    The biggest fail I see in the “heartfelt ad” is that the teen is constantly holding the phone vertically. Other than that…it’s okay. Pretty boring and to me, it is worse that at a large family gathering, this teen is predominantly staring at his iPhone. My kids are not allowed to do this. The phones stay out of sight except for phone calls. He’s the only one playing on his phone constantly according to the ad as well which is also bogus.

    I get the sentiment; it just does not jive with reality and everyone in that room would prefer he participate instead of making a movie. And also, it’s not that easy.