The TabHandler Adds A Handy Handle To Your iPad




The TabHandler is another handle that sticks to the back of your iPad, only it beats the competition in a few ways: First, the permanent circular mount is small enough not to annoy when attached. Second, the handle is almost absurdly useful in its range of positions. And third, the voiceover guy on the video sounds amazing, like he should be selling saddles and lassos to cowboys, not iPad accessories to soft-skinned cubicle-dwelling troglodytes (cublodytes) like us.

See? What voice!

The TabHandler consists of two parts: a disk which sticks onto your iPad, and a handle that clips onto it. This handle can be spun through 360˚, and is hinged at its base. This lets you use it as a stand as well as a handle, twisting it in any direction to get the perfect grip.

As you can see in the video, the TabHandler really shines when in the hand. You can use it to hand the iPad over an open hand, or grip the handle “like a cup of coffee,” or even (maybe my favorite) to hook the iPad onto your pocket to give you two free hands for a while. You can even install it on a smooth-backed case if you don’t like sticking things to your iPad.

The TabHandler will cost you $50, and is available now.

Source: TabHandler
Thanks: Jerry!