Worth The Cost? How Pro Editors Really Feel About Mac Pro, This Week On The CultCast



This time on the CultCast: pro television editor and motion graphics artist Mike Gaines tells us the pros and cons of Apple’s new Mac Pro. Plus, Darth Vader has an iPhone 4; Apple makes your face your password; new patents tell a tale wireless charging for your Mac and iDevices; and we pitch our favorite new apps on an all-new Faves ‘N Raves!

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  • OneHungLow

    One comment on the #103, they make reference to Thunderbolt cables being so expensive. and blaming Apple. Apple doesn’t license Thunderbolt, you have to talk to Intel. So, ask Intel about that. Now, in terms of cables? I don’t think they are that expensive. I paid $30 for a cheapo USB 3.0 cable at Best Buy, and it’s a hunk of crap. Thunderbolt cables start at $29 for the shortest cables and go up from there.

    Also, be reminded, a decent USB cable can cost a lot of money. I bought one for my USB DAC and spent about $100 and I did some speed tests and found that it actually improved the speed when I compared my HDD using Blackmagic Design Speed test and compared several USB cables. I couldn’t believe it, but that’s what happened. Some cheapo cables were actually slower than a more expensive one. Go figure that one out. What deduced is that when data and power are combined in one cable like USB, the noise from the power side leaks into the data side and can cause errors and other criteria on how the cable is designed and made can actually slow the data down. I’ve read various articles on USB cables and why some aren’t as good as others and they talked about a lot of factors of cable design that will produce better or worse results and that not all digital cables are equal. So, don’t buy cheap cables, if you do, then you may end up finding out they are not transferring data as fast or as reliable as you prefer, or in the case of audio, there might be what is known as more jitter.

  • OneHungLow

    The other comment I wish to make is for those that have Fibre Channel storage, there are several different companies that offer a Thunderbolt adapter for them so instead of buying an external chassis for the Fibre Channel card, you can simply buy a Thunderbolt adapter. Depending on which speed Fibre Channel you need, there are several adapter solutions for Thunderbolt, Promise makes one and there are others that are either coming out soon or are already available.

    Here’s a good site to bookmark and check as they update it when new Thunderbolt products hit the market. They don’t have everything listed, but they have most of the Thunderbolt products already on the market.