Fonts For Mac Offers Beautiful Type Browsing And Organization



Remember Mac font managing apps? I do: I hated them. Extensis Suitcase caused more problems with my old G5 PowerMac than anything else, ever, and I was fairly conservative in my font use back when I worked as a designer.

Thankfully, Macs these days don’t need the user to manually switch fonts on and off: our computers are powerful enough to handle it. Which is why Bohemian Coding ditched its old Fontcase app and replaced it with the shiny new Fonts, an app that is dedicated to just organizing and looking at your fonts.

Fonts lets you browse all your fonts in a beautifully iOS 7-like view, and organize them into collections. These collections correspond with the collections that show up in the system font panel that shows up inside apps, making it double useful as a system-wide organization tool.

You also get access to glyphs in your fonts, and you can preview whatever text you like just by tapping it in.

Power users might find the lack of extra features annoying, and regular Joes like you and me will likely find it a overkill. But for the in-between user, or the pro who just needs to quickly browse and wrangle fonts, then this $10 app seems ideal.

Source: Mac App Store