Apple’s New Ad Campaign Shows “Life On iPad”



It’s sometimes easy to forget just what a paradigm shift the tablet computer — and specifically the iPad — represents. Well, Phil Schiller just reminded us by tweeting a link to Apple’s latest “Life on iPad” campaign.

Amazing stories of “Life on iPad”

— Philip Schiller (@pschiller) November 22, 2013


From wind power service technicians who work 250 feet off the ground in extreme temperatures, to surgeons who use the device as an aid while carrying out liver transplants, to a world-class athletes that uses video analysis for their training, the campaign does a great job of selecting individual “stories” to highlight the varied uses of the iPad. (Making us feel slightly lazy about using ours to watch YouTube videos on the sofa in the process!)

It also confirms why, when it’s hitting on all cylinders, few tech companies can pull off advertising as effectively as Apple can.

More stories can be seen and read over at Apple’s official iPad page.