Full Monty Finder Windows – Go Big Or Go Home [OS X Tips]


Finder Full Screen

Sure, we all know that we can embiggen our applications on the Mac, clicking on the little arrows in the upper right corner of any app. That way, we can get fullscreen versions of our apps to utilize all the screen real estate we have.

I like to make my browser and image editing software full screen, placing each one in a separate Desktop Space, switching between them with a keyboard shortcut for easy access.

Did you know, however, that you can do the same with any Finder window? I know I didn’t.

Open any new Finder window, and look up into the upper right-hand corner. Notice the little arrows facing out in opposite diagonal directions? Click there, and that Finder window will go full screen.

Now you can see all your Applications, for example, at the same time on the screen. You can open a folder full of images and turn on icon view to make looking at them and organizing them just a bit more easy.

If you’re done with the full screen Finder window, simply hover your mouse cursor in the upper right-hand corner of your Mac’s screen, and the arrows will drop down after a short wait. Click the now blue, inward-facing arrows to shrink your Finder window back to normal size.

You can also just hit the Escape key to undo the full screen effect, as well.

Via: Mac Life

  • patrickahles

    You didn’t know? The arrows in the upper right corner of ANY Finder window didn’t give it away? OMG!