Is Angela Ahrendts Apple’s “Future CEO”?



Cloud computing giant Marc Benioff has praised hailed Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s new head of retail and online sales, as the “future Apple CEO.” Referring to her in a Tuesday tweet as “the most important hire Tim Cook has ever made”, Benioff’s toasting of Ahrendts has left analysts asking whether it is simply a show of support for Burberry’s outgoing CEO — or evidence that Benioff knows more than he is letting on, following disappointing fourth quarter numbers for Apple.

Ahrendts spoke at Benioff’s company’s annual conference last year, discussing how smartphones might alter the way people shop in retail stores. “You have to be totally connected with everyone who touches your brand,” she noted. In her more than seven years at Burberry, Ahrendts turned the fashion house into a luxury global brand with increasing presence in emerging markets.

Source: Twitter

Via: Business Insider


  • iPadCary

    Is she the future CEO?
    Was 4Q13 for Apple THAT bad?
    And what f**k is SHE gonna do to improve that?
    Have Apple sell thick framed glasses?
    Use your head, guys.
    Tim’s going nowhere for a good long while ….
    And least of all, not be replaced by this worthless bint.

  • bobbydig

    Really? She maybe good in batting practice, but let’s see her in action. For most of us, we are thrilled at what Apple is doing these days.

  • lockelinus

    Is she the future CEO?
    And least of all, not be replaced by this worthless bint.

    and I assume you know this because you personally have met her and feel she was inadequate to fill the Retail VP position?? very small minded and misogynistic comment

    All any of us can do is look at her trajectory and make slight assumptions about her. I personally think she will do a fine job as head of retail, her experience is more closely aligned with the Apple brand. CEO? I don’t think that’s the point of her move, it’s one thing to lead Burberry and another to lead something as complex as Apple. Cook is running the show just fine from an operations standpoint, if at all, Apple may need a CEO with more of a WOW factor, maybe Ive, but it won’t happen for a while.

    Benioff was probably just uber excited to meet a fashionable CEO and wanted to get an invite to her farewell party in London next year…