Get It Done – Fix Stalled Mavericks Downloads In Launchpad [OS X Tips]


Image Credit: Roberto Baldwin/WIRED
Image Credit: Roberto Baldwin/WIRED

If you’re trying to download the free OS X Mavericks upgrade via the Mac App Store and it’s getting stuck, you’re not alone. As you can see int he image above, some folks are seeing a paused download when trying to upgrade to Apple’s latest and greatest Mac operating system.

Roberto Baldwin over at the Wired GadgetLab has a fairly easy solution, and I figured I’d share it with you.

There’s two things you can do. First, click on Launchpad in your Dock, or hit the keyboard shortcut that launches it (my Macbook Air uses F4).

Then, try clicking on the downloading Mavericks. This may restart a paused download.

If that doesn’t work, click and hold on the Maverick’s download icon. All the icons in the Launchpad should start the iOS-style wiggle. Click on the X in the upper left of the icon to delete it from Launchpad. Then head back into the Mac App Store and download it again with your iTunes ID.

These should help you get that upgrade download back on track. Good luck!

Source: Wired