Tublme, The Hardest-To-Pronounce Tumblr Client Yet



Tublme is possibly the stupidest name for a thing, ever. But it’s also a fantastic name if you think about anagrams, lost vowels, Tumblr and .me domain suffixes. It’s got em all.

Tublme is also an OS X Tumblr app, and it’s pretty gorgeous.

There are a gazillion Tumblr apps on iOS, and Tublme brings the app experience to the desktop. You can post to multiple accounts, get notifications of new posts and new followers, and – this is the killer – you can make Twitter-like lists, parceling up the folks you follow into different sections for easier reading.

Tumblr is two things: It’s a social network for sharers and lovers of naked-lady pictures, and it’s a blogging platform. Tublme works for both of these, plus it adds in a brand new game. It’s called “Guess How to Pronounce Tublme.”

Source: Tublme
Via: Beautiful Pixels

  • rammo123

    All the kids are like “Tublme! Tublme!” You know what’s in my tumbler? Regret.