Controls+ Brings iOS 7’s Control Center To Your Mac



I don’t know about you, but I love Control Center in iOS 7. I don’t know how I managed without it before (or why it took Apple so long to introduce it). And I’d love to see a similar feature brought to the Mac that would allow me to control my music, adjust the brightness of my display, and toggle things like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Fortunately, we don’t have to wait for Apple to create it, because it’s already here, thanks to Controls+ for Mac.

Controls+, a $0.99 from It’s About Time Products, which is available from the Mac App Store, brings common settings and shortcuts to your Mac’s task bar. With just one click of your mouse, the pop-panel provides instant access to things like brightness controls, a screensaver toggle, and a timer.

Controls+ even makes it incredibly easy to change your wallpaper by dragging a wallpaper into the pop-out panel, and it lets you control your music through iTunes with play, pause, and skip buttons, and a volume slider. It shows you your album covers, and the name of the artist and song coming up next.

Controls+ isn’t perfect; it would be nice if there were shortcuts to other common apps and features, and the ability to customize those shortcuts and make the panel your own. It would also be nice if the music playback controls also controlled things like Spotify or Rdio.

But it’s certainly a great start. And at just $0.99 for a limited time, Controls+ is a great addition to your Mac’s desktop.

Source: Mac App Store

Via: AppAdvice