iPhone 5s Now Available With In-Store Pickup Via Apple Online Store (Again)



You can now purchase the iPhone 5s from Apple.com and collect your order from your local Apple retail store. The Cupertino has the brought in-store pickup service back to the new device following a very brief stint this time last week — but who knows how long it will last.

Apple first made in-store pickup an option for the iPhone 5s last Monday — three days after it first went on sale — but due to overwhelming demand, it was forced to remove it again a day later. Now in-store pickup is back, but it’s unclear whether it will be a permanent feature.

Demand for the iPhone 5s is still pretty high, and it isn’t easy to get hold of in Apple retail stores — particularly if you want a silver or gold model. What’s more, some of the bigger, busier Apple retail stores still aren’t offering in-store pickup at all yet.

Don’t be too surprised if in-store pickup disappears again, then. But for now, it’s back, and it’s probably the quickest and easiest way to get an iPhone 5s from the Apple online store and ensure there’s one waiting for you when you get there. If you want it delivered to your door, you’ll be waiting until sometime in October.

Source: Apple