Record Your Mac’s Screen For Free With Quicktime Player [OS X Tips]


QuickTime Screen Recording

Yesterday, we showed you how to record your iPhone or iPad’s screen using Reflector, an app that runs on your Mac and records the iOS device’s screen via a little AirPlay magic.

Today, let’s talk about recording your Mac’s screen. I was surprised to find out that QuickTime Player will do this for free, and it’s already on your Mac. Here’s how to make the magic happen.

First off, launch QuickTime Player from your Applications folder, from the Dock, or from any app launcher, like Alfred. Once launched, all you need to do is head up to the File menu in QuickTime Player, and select New Screen Recording. You’ll get a cute little recording window.

Click on the red Record button in this recording window, and you’ll have two options: click anywhere on the screen to record the entire screen, or click and drag across any portion of the screen you’d like to capture. If you choose to record the whole screen, the recording will begin immediately. If you decide to only record a portion of your screen, you’ll have to click the Start Recording button that appears after you define the space to be recorded.

When you’re done, click on the same button you started the recording with, only this time it will be a square. Quicktime will offer to save your .mov file somewhere on your hard drive. Do so, and you’re done!

Now you can record anything that happens on your Mac. If you want to record a voice over as well, you can click on the little triangle in the Recording window to choose your sound source. Simply choose Built-In Mic to use the microphone in your Mac, or any other microphone you’ve connected to your Mac, like a USB mic or such.