Backyard Battles Bringing Cardboard Forts And Fighting Kids To iOS [PAX 2013]


Backyard Battles

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SEATTLE, PAX 2013 – We spoke with Josh Glazer, CTO of Naked Sky Entertainment, about the company’s upcoming turn-based tactical game, Backyard Battles. The game, coming to iOS, Android, and the web later this year, pits two teams of children against each other, wielding cardboard tubes, spell books, and their imaginations.

“It’s what kids raised on video games do when they play outside,” said Glazer.

There will be single and multi-player gameplay, including pass and play mode that will let gamers play side by side. Each team is defending their cardboard fort, and has a certain number of attack and defense points they can spend each turn. When a battling kid is out of defense points, they don’t die, but rather fall over, then get up and run back into the fort, just like real kids.

Above is a quick Vine video showing some of the tutorial of the game. We’re looking forward to playing this one on iPads soon and will share more details as they become available.