Hue Menu Lets You Control Philips Hue Bulbs From The Comfort Of Your Mac



Philips Hue lights have quickly become one of favorite new iOS accessories thanks to a bunch of neat hacks and apps that have take advantage of the connected lights. Until now, Hue has mainly been controlled via an iOS app, but Hue Menu for OS X makes it so you can finally control Hue from your Mac.

Hue Menu is a new menu bar app that not only allows users to turn their Hue bulbs on/off, but you can also change the colors, create presets, pick custom colors using your own photos or the Mac OS color Picker and more. At $2.99, the app is an easy buy for Hue owners, plus the developer behind it says upcoming features will include alarms, timers, and geo-fencing.

Here are the full release notes:

This 3rd party App is the best companion for your Philips Hue light bulbs striking the perfect balance between ease of use and powerful features, making it as delightful to use as the official iOS Apps:

-Change the colors of your lamps from the color charts in the menu or from the traditional Mac OS color Picker.

-Create presets, so as to save the favorite colors for everyone of your light bulbs.

-Select the random mode for all the lights or for a specific light bulb. It will change every 15 seconds the colors of the light(s) bulb(s).

-Set the brightness, turn on/off all the lights or specific lamps.

-Select a light bulb and a color from the color picker or by pointing your mouse’s cursor on a color or a picture and pressing SHIFT+ALT and it will adjust the specified light accordingly.. Hue Menu

Source: Mac App Store