Fantastic Dueling Game Gentlemen! Slices Its Way To The Mac App Store


Gentlemen! Mac

Lucky Frame’s fantastic iPad and Android game, Gentlemen!, is now available on the Mac App Store, bringing the delightful Victorian-themed dueling game to the big screen for the first time.

We reviewed the game favorably when it released on iPad, enjoying the frenetic gameplay and the whimsical art style. It’s still a go-to app when we’re looking for something to play with a friend on the same iPad.

Now that it’s on Mac, though, we can now go head to head with up to four friends via local multiplayer, flipping and leaping and, well, stabbing our buddies with glee.

Gentlemen! tasks you with fighting your friends. You’ll play as a little Victorian gentleman with an eye for sweet revenge, as you flip gravity and make use of a variety of weapons, including deadly pigeons, to end your friends’ lives.

It’s sweet chaos on the iPad, and is bound to be even more crazy fun on the Mac with the addition of two extra players. Here’s hoping that the Mac (as well as PC and Linux) version of the game isn’t pirated as much as the Android version has.

Gentlemen! is available on the Mac App Store for an affordable $4.99, as well as on the Lucky Frame website for Mac and other platforms.

Source: Mac App Store