Add A YouTube Video To Your Watch Later List, Then Watch It Later [iOS Tips]


YouTube Watch Later

Ever been caught out by a long YouTube video someone emails or sends you via Message that you really don’t have time to watch right then?

That’s where YouTube’s Watch Later playlist comes in handy, but it’s not super easy to find or access on the iOS version of YouTube.

If you want to know how to send a video to your Watch Later list, and then access it again in the future, here’s how.

You’ll need a YouTube account, which is basically your Google account, and who doesn’t have one of those? Launch YouTube on your iPhone or iPad, and tap the little icon to the upper left that looks like three horizontal lines stacked vertically. Tap on the Sign In button and enter your credentials.

Now, find a video you want to watch later. Tap on it, and then tap on the Share button just above the video. Tap Save to Watch Later in the resulting sheet of options that slides up from the bottom.

Now it’s in the playlist, which you can access from the YouTube website, when logged in to your account, or from your iOS device. To do the latter, tap on the sidebar icon again and then tap on your account name in the upper left corner. You’ll see, just under “Purchases,” the Watch Later playlist. Tap the button to see the list of videos you’ve marked to watch later.

Via: iMore