‘The Drowning’ Launches First Global In-Game Cooperative Event, The Toxic Beast Hunt



Last week, The Drowning released on iOS to mixed reviews, many of which echoed our own. Most reviewers praised Scattered Entertainment’s control scheme but panned the gameplay itself as shallow and repetitive.

The game has been doing well, however, hitting the top five most downloaded free apps list on iPhone in 16 countries, and the top five free apps on iPad in 42 countries.

This week, then, The Drowning is getting a global in-game event: The Toxic Beast Hunt, letting players take part in a boss hunt together and compete for prizes, though to truly win, you’ll need to buy some gold.

There’s a new type of monster out there, and it’s creating stronger creatures.

There is a rumor spreading amongst the survivors. A new mutation of the creatures has been spotted around the old chemical plant that is more powerful than the ones seen before. Charlotte says it’s not the first time she has seen them; she believes it was a similar mutation that killed her father. That time, they were around for about a week before they died from the mutation that made them stronger—and discolored their skin. At least they should be easy to spot.

While we found the original storyline to be limited in The Drowning, this new event might help flesh out the in-game fiction. In addition, players will get matched up to cooperate in teams, which then compete with each other to hunt and kill more rare and powerful monsters hidden in the game world.

It's gonna cost you, though.
It might cost you, though.

Launching The Drowning shows you the Toxic Beast Hunt; it’s hard to miss. You’ll be able to tap through to the details of the hunt, including the ability to purchase special poisonous weapons with in-game gold, only available with real-world money. The first beast hunt, which requires poison, was free for me, while a second attempt initially looked like it required purchase more to go on a second hunt. As you can see in the screenshot, though, poison can also be earned through regular gameplay, and the screen does show how much poison is left to be used.

“The great thing about our Boss Hunt events,” said head of Scattered Entertainment, Ben Cousins, “are that they enable everyone who’s enjoying The Drowning to play together using our innovative asynchronous matchmaking system. You could get matched up to co-operate with people in your neighborhood or from the other side of the world. Time zones and schedules don’t matter–our game system organizes everything. If you fight effectively as a team with your ad hoc brothers-in-arms you can win items of real value such as rare weapons and other useful equipment.”

The cooperative multiplayer event will run from today, Thursday, August 8 through Wednesday, August 14, so head into The Drowning on your iOS device of choice to check it out. If you don’t have the game, yet, you can download it for free on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch via the App Store.