Angle-Pose Your iPhone With The EleMount



Meet the eleMount, a poseable aluminum mount for your iPhone or—if you’re feeling adventurous—the iPad mini. It’s like a little angle poise elbow for your phone, letting you set it at almost any angle you like.

The unit is made up of two sections which meet in a ball-and-socket mount at their center. The other ends are flat discs coated with one of those sticky, reusable nano coatings that can be recharged by lifting off any lint with a strip of sticky tape.

To use it, you stick one end to the flat back of the iPhone, and the other end to a table or other smooth surface. You can also stick it onto a tripod thanks to the threaded hole in the base.

As you no doubt guessed/feared, this is yet another Kickstarter project, and as such has the associated wait and opportunity for failure. Should it succeed (after a launch later today) it will cost you $60.

Source: Elephantele
Thanks: Jen!