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Pegatron To Be Involved In Future iMac Production [Rumor]



Pegatron may be gearing up to take on future iMac orders from Apple after “some related upstream supply chain players” revealed that they have sent iMac components to Pegatron for assembly. Quanta is currently tasked with assembling Apple’s popular all-in-one, and it’s unclear whether the two will now work side-by-side or whether Pegatron will take over.

Both companies claimed to have no knowledge of the reports, and refused to comment on their clients, DigiTimes reports.

Pegatron has reportedly been tasked to assemble Apple’s upcoming low-cost iPhone, and it has worked with the Cupertino company on other products — such as the MacBook — in the past. So it’s a production partner Apple clearly trusts. But this would be the first time it has become involved with iMac production.

What’s unclear at this point is whether Pegatron will take over that completely, or whether it will simply work alongside Quanta. With Quanta involved in the production of a number of Macs — including the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro — it’s unlikely Apple would be looking to drop it from iMac production altogether.

It seems more likely the Cupertino company is hoping to step up iMac production capacity ahead of a new model. The latest iMac sold out quickly when it was introduced late last year, and many customers had to face a lengthy wait for theirs to be delivered as Apple battled a series of production delays.

It will surely be looking to avoid a repeat of that next time around.

Source: DigiTimes