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Squaregram: Post Rectangular Photos To Instagram



Squaready is one of my most-used photo apps on iOS. It has one purpose: to take your rectangular photos and turn them into squares by padding the edges, letting you post them intact to Instagram.

The trouble is, it’s ugly as sin, with the kind of interface that you’d expect to see if Linux and Windows XP got drunk on cider one night and had a little “surprise” appear nine months later.

Happily, Squaregram exists, and its a lot prettier. It also now works with Camera+, and has had some UI tweaks to make it even better.

If I’m honest, I’d have the app lose that hideous textured background, but otherwise it looks pretty good. You can square-ize your photos so that they can be seen properly on Instagram, and you can also add text and gradient effects.

What I’d really like is an app that just grabs your last shot photo on launch and then automatically saves it, padded with your pre-chosen background color, back to your camera roll. But failing that, I guess apps like Squaready and Squaregram will have to do.

Still, it’s free, and the in-app purchases are only required for the label packs, so it’ll do for now.

Source: iTunes