PowerCycle, A Bike-Friendly USB Battery Pack [Kickstarter]



PowerCycle is a hip-flask-shaped USB battery pack which is designed to be charged by your bike. You’ll need to be running a dynamo hub with an electrical output to actually charge it, so this is more a bike-friendly design than a bike-only one.

The kidney-shaped cross sections combines with a rugged aluminum case and a simple velcro strap to clamp the PowerCycle down onto any bike tube, and then you hook it up to your dynamo and pedal. The battery is a good-sized 5200mAh, enough to juice the iPhone three times, the iPad mini once and the Retina iPad… Well, the Retina iPad is kind of a lost cause when it comes to anything but mains power.

The input of the battery runs at 5–12V DC/AC 1.75A, meaning it can cope with your dynamo or just a regular USB port for charging. And the unit is modular. That is, it’s designed to be taken apart and to have parts upgraded and swapped out.

It’s a great idea. I have a bunch of battery packs but the only time I have ever really, really needed one was to juice a dead bike lamp (I use USB-chargeable lamps).

The PowerCycle runs from $58 to $75 depending on how quick you get on the Kickstarter campaign, and will ship in March 2014.

Source: Kickstarter
Thanks: Joel!