‘Deus Ex: The Fall’ Released A Day Early, Get Ready For Console-Level Gaming On The Go


Deus Ex

Typically, US iOS apps and games are released into the App Store on Thursdays each week, though some apps of late have been going live on odd days of the week, perhaps to beat the Thursday glut.

Either way, Square Enix’s first Deus Ex game to launch as a full experience on iOS has gone live today, one full day earlier than expected. Deus Ex: The Fall is the highly anticipated new chapter in the Deus Ex franchise, and it’s coming to iPhones and iPads, rather than consoles or computers. This alone makes it something to pay attention to, let alone the gorgeous visuals and brand new entry in the series.

The Deus Ex series, most recently on consoles and Mac with Deus Ex: Human Revolution, is known for its futuristic cyberpunk setting, innovative stealth gameplay, and its beautifully rendered environments and controls.

Set in 2027–right after the storyline of the latest Deus Ex novel by James Swallow, Deus Ex: Icarus Effect. You’ll play as Ben Saxon, an augmented former British SAS mercenary, who is seeking the truth behind a global conspiracy that threatens his life.

Each gameplay section will allow you to choose stealth or full on combat, or even a combination of the two, making this a true Deus Ex game. Naysayers be damned, real games are here on the iOS platform. The graphics are stunning, the soundtrack is lush, and the storyline is full of plot twists and turns. Check it out:

Deus Ex: The Fall will run on iPad 3 and up, the iPad mini, the iPhone 4S and up, and the iPod touch and above. It requires 1.6 G free space to install, so make sure you have enough room on your iOS device. The publisher also recommends closing all other apps–easily done with a quick reboot to your iPad or iPhone–before you start playing. This is a high-end game, and will use as much of your resources as it can.

This universal app is available now in the iTunes App Store for $6.99, which is an incredible steal if you consider how much a new Deus Ex game would have cost on the console or Mac (Human Revolution retailed for $60).

Source: App Store