Welcome To Cult of Mac Newsstand Magazine


Cult of Mac Magazine, the Hello World Issue
Cult of Mac Magazine, the Hello World Issue

Behind the scenes, it’s been a long time coming, but welcome to the first issue of Cult of Mac Magazine!

Cult of Mac Magazine is a weekly news magazine devoted to the world of Apple. Every Saturday, we’ll bring you the best of what the Cult of Mac blog does on the Web, in an iPad-friendly format.

Cult of Mac Magazine is a news magazine devoted to the world of Apple technology. It’s like a Sunday newspaper, but focused on Macs, iPhones, iPads, and the people behind the news.

Every week, we’ll be bringing you original, longer-form journalism from the Apple universe. The world of technology is changing at a breathtaking pace. We’re in the middle of one of the biggest technology shifts ever; from desktop to mobile. Apple, of course, is at the very heart of it.

To help you with this change, we’ll have special editions devoted to different topics, from iOS gaming to cooking with an iPad. These special editions will be a mix of reported features, product reviews, app roundups and killer how-tos. We’ll have new weekly features, like our “Ask a Genius” column, in which a genuine Apple Genius answers your thorniest technical questions.

We think a weekly iPad magazine is a great way to package and organize the stuff we publish every day on the website. With news about Apple breaking 24 hours a day, it’s easy to miss stories on the web and hard to find something once it’s cycled down the site’s front page.

There are several forces at work that make it a great time to be publishing a blog-like magazine. The iPad is a reading machine. We’re already seeing tens of millions of page views in apps like Flipboard and Zite that syndicate our content. The web is good for breaking news or brief product reviews. The iPad is better for deeper dives that explore subjects more thoroughly.

Although Cult of Mac Magazine will evolve over time, we wanted to start out by focusing on the basics: providing a great reading experience, without a lot of ads, buttons or distractions. Once you open up an issue, you can swipe between articles using your finger.

Cult of Mac Magazine will be published four times a month, with a subscription to all of our issues (past and future) costing just $1.99 a month, the same price as each individual issue. But you don’t have to pay a penny to try Cult of Mac Magazine for free for seven days. If you like it, just hit the Subscribe button in the app.

Newsstand is one of the most exciting things to happen to publishing in our lifetimes, and we think Cult of Mac Magazine is the future of, well, Cult of Mac. We think it’s going to be great. We’d love for you to check it out.

Many thanks, Leander.

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Launch Issue Contents

We start out the premiere issue with an article by Leander Kahney looking at how Apple’s head designer, Sir Jonathan Ive, makes decisions about the color of Apple’s products, such as the new gold iPhone.

Then we have a look at the how jailbreak developers are gearing up to take a crack at iOS 7. Nicole Martinelli explains why you want monied Apple employees gentrifying your neighborhood. Rounding out our first issue, we have the first “Ask a Genius” agony aunt column.

  • CharilaosMulder

    Oh yes! Thats going to be my first newsstand subscription ever!

    To be honest: I read cultofmac because of the content. I like it. But the site sucks. You change it way too often, I get the mobile site on the Mac a lot of times, cant switch off the mobile theme on my iPhone, loads the desktop site on iPhone quite some times (which I prefer), the comments system is broken at times and logs me out randomly..

    So congratulations on the cultofmac magazine!

  • zmclearan

    This is my first Newstand subscription, excited to have something sitting on that empty shelf…

  • ctt1wbw

    I’m listening to the CultCast podcast RIGHT NOW. Best one on the store!

  • UK_Anthony

    First edition of the Newsstand app is very promising and there is definitely a market for a publication like this. Hope you have some longer and in-depth articles that provoke thought rather than just re-hashing my RSS feed. Also some profiles of the regular CoM contributors would be helpful. Good luck – deserves to succeed.

  • TheAlexSantini

    Call it a Macazine. Please.

  • VotersRights

    Will the newsstand version also spam users with unrelated Cult of Android garbage?

  • lkahney

    Thanks for that. No it won;t. Apple content only.

  • lkahney

    Call it a Macazine. Please.

    Good idea. We’ll think about it!

  • lkahney

    Many thanks for the kind words. We’ve got some awesome stuff coming up and no, it definitely won;t be a rehash of the RSS feed. The site and the magazine are two separate entities that we think will complement each other.

  • lkahney

    Yeah, we know, especially mobile. We’re overhauling it. Fingers crossed it won’t be long but it’s a big job.

  • Ed Clowes

    Looking at the magazine now, pretty cool. Soooo… when will “The Cult of Mac” be available digitally? :)

  • ShawnCBatey

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