MaCool Beer Cooler Looks Like A Vintage Mac [Kickstarter]



Scott Stefan’s Kickstarter project is an odd one, but more on that in a second. In order not to bury the lede, I am obliged to tell you what the product is right up here in the first paragraph (or “graf” as “we in the biz” call it). It’s called the MaCool, and it’s a beer cooler designed to look just like an original 1984 Mac.

I think it’s awesome, and if the fact that you can take a beige box of beer to the beach isn’t enough for you, there will be two screen options, with the PVC sticker on the front showing either the Happy Mac icon or a Mac desktop showing the System Disk window.

Yup, this cooler is cool.

But then it gets odd. The $59 box is clearly violating any and every copyright from Apple, right down to those screens, and even the name – “MaCool” – will probably have Apple’s lawyers in a tizzy. What’s more, the Kickstarter project wants a whopping $65,000 to start production, and yet is only running for 14 days (from today to July 25th). Maybe Scott is hoping to get all the cash in before Apple sends somebody down to the kennels to shake the legal dogs awake?

Whatever the score, this is one of the (ahem) cooler Kickstarters we’ve seen recently. Too bad the estimated ship date is October, when the Northern Hemisphere is winding down and getting ready for the winter, and not taking cold beverages on hot-weather picnics.

Source: Kickstarter