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Mailbox Updated With Integrated Dropbox Attachments



Mailbox, the miracle mashup of mail and to-do lists, has just seen the first fruit of its Dropbox ownership – Dropbox Attachments. Thought the release notes don’t make a big deal of this at all – they read “Dropbox attachments integration,” and there’s not even a new screenshot to show it – it’s actually a pretty great new feature.

Attachments get a new paperclip icon in the compose screen, down by the one for attaching a photo. Tap it and (assuming you already added your Dropbox account in the app’s prefs) you get to browse your entire Dropbox to pick an a attachment. Tap the file and it’s magically added.

Why is this useful when you could just send the files from your Dropbox app? Because you can attach a file in the middle of a conversation, when replying to a mail, instead of having to start a whole new thread.

It has limitations. To attach more than one file you need to repeatdly go through the same dance – you can’t select multiple items in the file browser. And even weirder, your attachments aren’t sent as Dropbox links – the actual file is attached. [UPDATE: The attachments appear just like regular inline attachments in Mailbox for the sender, but are actually sent as Dropbox links. Which is awesome as it lets you send huge files over cellular without using up any of your bandwidth quota. Thanks to Cult of Mac reader Henrik for letting me know.]

Still, I won’t complain too much – it’s a great feature even if it could be better. And it comes free with your Mailbox update.

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