Apple Ends Lawsuit Against Amazon Over Use Of “App Store” Name


  • markymac

    I wonder if any Apple’s lawyers ever posed the question to Amazon why they would fight to use a “generic” term. Why not use something else like Microsoft (Windows Marketplace) and Google (Google Play Store) did?

    There’s more than one way to build/promote a store that sells mobile applications. How about “App Jungle” to go along with “Amazon” or “App Bazar”, “App Market”, “App Mall” or a play on words like “Appazon”? Maybe there aren’t a million different directions but to simply use the term “appstore” without thinking or considering any other name is proof enough that they understand there’s power and marketability in the same name Apple is using.

    I suppose Apple realized they were spending way too much money on a frivolous lawsuit and recognized that Amazon isn’t really that much of a threat in the grand scheme of things.