Handleband, The Nicest-To-Say iPhone Bike Mount Ever



This is the Handleband. It’s a band for your handlebars, but it’s also a great word to roll around your mouth – handleband… handleband – rattling it through your teeth and wrapping it around your tongue. Haaaandlebaaaand.

The Handleband is pretty awesome. It’s a silcone strap with a stiff platform and a metal clasp, and it stretches onto your handlebar and then clamps your iPhone in place. Or any other phone. Or a flashlight. Or anything, thanks to the fact that it’s a kind of bungee for gadgets.

The inspiration came – amazingly enough – from a cop. Designer Daniel Haarburger was stopped by a campus cop for riding without a light. Instead of the usual power-trip that cops usually lay on your, this one made a suggestion: use your iPhone as a front light. Clever, right? So Daniel made a mount that would be strong and easy enough to use for any phone. It even has a bottle opener.

How much? $25, with just a couple of weeks left to go on Kickstarter. I’m gonne see if we can get one to review, but this really looks like the kind of thing that could make Daniel a good wad of money.

Source: Handleband
Via: Urban Velo

  • bondr006

    “handleband – handleband – Haaaandlebaaaand”

    smiley rofl photo: ROFL ROFL.gif

    Charlie….you are way too gawddamn funny!

  • joewaylo

    I can see potential scuff marks on that iPhone using this handleband. There are other more safer solutions than this already on the market.

  • dhaarburger

    Hi @joewaylo, thanks for the comment! The Handelband’s silicone body is powder coated for scuff and smudge resistance. It’s also incredibly secure (https://vimeo.com/68319424) – much more than the alternative, which try to hold the phone from the sides. Last but not least it accommodates any case, helping keep your phone forever safe and sound. Hope this info helps! -Daniel H.

  • TomTech

    Really excited to put this on my motorcycle! I haven’t found a good solution to use on both my road bike and Ducati yet, but this seems like the one.