Nokia Depicts iPhone Owners As Brain-Dead Zombies In Awful New Lumia Ad [Video]



Nokia has a new ad out for its latest Lumia 925 smartphone, and it attempts to praise the handset’s camera abilities by depicting iPhone owners as brain-dead zombies who have to use flash to take photos in the dark. Yeah, it makes no sense to me, either. Check it out below.

Isn’t that one of the strangest smartphone ads you’ve ever seen? The Lumia 925 hardly gets any attention in it — in fact the iPhone appears more. And what’s up with the guy who’s happy to walk down a street full of zombies? Why isn’t he running the other way?

The only thing this advert tells me is how good the iPhone’s flash is; damn, that thing’s bright. And it looks good — even in cold, dead zombie hands.

Source: YouTube

Via: Pocket-lint

  • tiny_mind

    Actually I think it is clever… although the same problem could be pointed out of ANY direct-flash, nighttime photography. It should probably end with Nokia guy saving “pho-toh” zombie by taking a lovely, fleshtoned, non red-eyed pic of him. Just to round it out. As it is it kind of says that, regardless of what you do, iPhones will overrun the Earth. :)

  • Whodakat

    wow, that is bad. Thats worse than the genius bar spots. How hard can it be to make a commercial? The only current commercials that is worse are the dancing Surface commercials. Apples current commercials are a brilliant contrast to this and many MS/Samesung spots. Dancing, and jumping, and singing, and now Zombies! Versus a spot of people actually using the device in every day life. Samesung tried to harness this power for their ridiculous features, but its just a joke if the only time you can find a way to show someone using the features is in some random, never going to happen in real life, way.

  • Robert X

    Yes, that is going to win iPhone users to them. /s

  • joewaylo

    Funny and ridiculous if yet unfounded that the camera brightness makes you look like a zombie.

  • Jdsonice

    No wonder Nokia is going the freaking tubes. They need to start adversing their products (lousy as they are) instead of spending money on advertising Apple products. Stupid idiots.

  • daov2a

    Not bad really. Certainly better than MOST if not all of the Apple ads to come out lately. This is obviously a World War Z tie in and I’m sure Nokai/WP8 will have some sort of presence in that movie; much as it did in Man of Steel.

  • shamus109

    I don’t get how Apple’s competitors expect to bring over iPhone users when they’re just bashing them.

  • Market_Mayhem

    Interesting commercial, but I had no idea it had anything to do with Nokia smartphones.

  • Ianthetechman

    So at one point Samsung was the obsessed competitor that was more interested in knocking apple than advertising what they were supposed to be good at. And now comes the turn of nokia ? At least some of the samsung phones are worth owning. The only reason i can think why anyone would consider the lumia is that they are looking for a decent camera phone as they don’t really offer anything better than there competition.

  • Alexander530

    If they think that these type of ads will make iPhone owners switch to a Nokia phone, they’re very wrong. Calling someone stupid so they will buy your product is not a convincing way to win customers.

  • jahsoul

    Funny how people talking about bash ads. I know most here probably didn’t care about OSX before iOS came along so I can understand how you missed all of these commercials:


  • homeandmantel

    yea that was pretty bad. Won’t help them sell any phones that’s for sure. Talk about wasted money. Wonder how much they paid for that mess.