Nokia Depicts iPhone Owners As Brain-Dead Zombies In Awful New Lumia Ad [Video]



Nokia has a new ad out for its latest Lumia 925 smartphone, and it attempts to praise the handset’s camera abilities by depicting iPhone owners as brain-dead zombies who have to use flash to take photos in the dark. Yeah, it makes no sense to me, either. Check it out below.

Isn’t that one of the strangest smartphone ads you’ve ever seen? The Lumia 925 hardly gets any attention in it — in fact the iPhone appears more. And what’s up with the guy who’s happy to walk down a street full of zombies? Why isn’t he running the other way?

The only thing this advert tells me is how good the iPhone’s flash is; damn, that thing’s bright. And it looks good — even in cold, dead zombie hands.

Source: YouTube

Via: Pocket-lint