Mavericks: Move Dashboard Around In Mission Control, Like Any Other Space [OS X Tips]


Dashboard As Space

Remember that the OS X Mavericks beta isn’t a final version—it’s meant to be used by developers to ensure that their software will work with Apple’s latest and greatest. With that disclaimer in mind, let’s check out yet another little feature in the beta.

Prior to OS X Mavericks beta, the Dashboard, loaded with useful widgets of all stripe, used to be limited to two states: disabled, or locked to the top left side of the Mission Control screen.

Now, however, with the advent of OS X Mavericks beta, that’s no longer the case. The Dashboard is now treated the same as any other Space when enabled. Here’s how to get it enabled, and then how to move it around.

First up, you’ll need to activate Mission Control, either with the keyboard key defined in System Preferences, or with the Dock icon. If you see Dashboard to the left of all the other Spaces across the top, it’s enabled. If not, head to System Preferences, click on the Mission Control preferences icon, and click on the Show Dashboard as a Space checkbox. Then you can activate Mission Control.

To move Dashboard around, simply click and drag on the little rectangular Dashboard space at the top left, and drag it to the right, letting go of the mouse button when you’ve moved it to where you want it to go. Now the Dashboard space can be anywhere in the rotation you like it. Sweet!

To move it back, or disable Dashboard, simply do the same steps in reverse.

Via: Tips and Tricks in Mavericks