Fifth Avenue Apple Store Roof Springs A Leak, Again [Video]




Apple is having some trouble with its signature store on 5th Avenue in NYC. The company rebuilt the glass cube above the store so it will have less seams, but ever since the renovation was finished Apple has had not one, but two leaks.

A rain storm hit New York City yesterday, and just like two weeks ago, the roof of the 5th Ave store began to bulge with large deposits of water that then leaked and flooded the lower level. To make matters worse, the roof of the Apple Store in SoHo sprung a leak too.

One Apple Store customer got the entire scene on video this time. You can watch the 5th Ave Geniuses scramble to solve the flooding after the jump:


Source: The Gothamist

  • occluded

    This is actually the third time. The first time just got no press.

  • jeffythequick

    Advice from Western Washington State:
    Flat roof bad
    Sloped roof good.

    The second lets gravity assist in water removal. The first will help the roof designer find all the low spots in the roof, as seen in this article.