Ending Soon: Get High Quality Design Resources With The Mega Design Bundle Upgrade [Deals]


CoM - Mega Design Bundle 2

Are you a designer? Do you want to become a designer? Have you ever thought about bringing out the creative in you? Now is a great opportunity for you to stack up on some high quality design resources so you can tackle any design wishes you may have thanks to The Mega Design Bundle and Cult of Mac Deals!

This bundle contains more than 2.5 GB of smooth icons, flashy vector elements, intuitive Photoshop templates, and other essential designer assets for literally pennies on the dollar. Valued at over $1000, you can get it for just $49.99!

This all new time-limited design bundle contains HTML5 Templates, Christmas and holiday images, icons and label sets, t-shirt templates, vector elements, and textures and background images with amazing value! Items by Go Media, Ultrashock, FWD, OSTraining, Kirsty Pargeter, Pix Glyphs, MikeMCD, Terrasynth, Solarseven and Glyph Ocean!

Here’s what you’ll get in this bundle:

  1. Ultimate Vector Collection 1: The Ultimate Vector Collection 1 contains 800 individual items! Sets 1–6 are all included, it’s an amazing deal! Just some of the included items are Skulls, Splatters, Tech Shapes, Crests, Wings, Architecture, Hooladanders, Paint Splatters, Trees, Spray Paint, Grimey Brush Strokes, Statues, Banners, Halftone Patterns and more.
  2. 25 Christmas Backgrounds Set 01: Items included in this set are in hi-resolution JPEG format
    and fully editable EPS files, and ready for your customization. This set includes various Christmas and winter themed holiday backgrounds and elements. Offered as .JPEG / .EPS files.
  3. HTML5 Photo Gallery Collection: This collection includes seven newly released HTML5 photo gallery templates optimized for both web and mobile devices. Set also includes Image Zoomer, an HTML5 image zooming and panning plugin tool used for navigating and panning large images. Image Zoomer can also be embedded into WordPress. Instructions and help files included!
  4. Vintage Ink Textures: These letterpress-inspired textures by Brandon Herbel create a subtle, dried-ink look ó perfect for giving a painted feel to thick, blocky letters or plain backgrounds. Use these JPGs on event mailers for a hand-crafted charm, or over website images for a unique allure.
  5. Ultrashock Backgrounds Collection: 50 assorted HD background images from Ultrashock’s premium photo collection. This set includes abstract, studio shot imagery, winter scenery, fire and water, canyons, HDR images, various nature backgrounds and more. Offered as hi-resolution 8MP .jpg files.
  6. Ember Stock Label Collection: Ember Stock is known for a modern clean style with attention to the smallest detail. This label set includes the latest collections as well as a few classics. This set includes Beach Lifestyle, Crossfit and Athletics, Outdoor Adventure, Native American and Vintage. Files are offered as .AI / .EPS format.
  7. Vector Holiday Images: Includes fourteen modern Christmas and winter holiday images. This set features seasonal backgrounds, Christmas and holiday elements, and infographics all with a clean modern style. Offered as .JPEG / .EPS files.
  8. OS Training Coupon 50% Off: Now with over 900 Training Sessions! Use your membership to gain access to over 900 WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, and coding training sessions. These high-quality video tutorials cover beginner and intermediate lessons including template designs, security, SEO, organic groups, theme design, HTML, CSS, PHP and more.
  9. Vector Special Effects Series: Stunning visual light effects perfect for adding extra flair to any project. Each set is grouped and layered. The items in this set also include transparencies. Each item is on its own layer for ease of use. Offered as .AI files.
  10. Organic Noise Texture Pack: The vintage feel continues to dominate today’s design trends, and it’s because of that we’re back with one last pack from Mr. Herbel. Use these texture JPEGs to create noise in your designs, as either a background layer or mask in Photoshop.
  11. 25 Christmas Backgrounds Set 02: Items included in this set are in hi-resolution JPEG format and fully editable EPS files, and ready for your customization. Set includes various Christmas and winter themed holiday backgrounds and elements. Offered as .JPEG / .EPS files.
  12. iPhone And iPad Mockup Templates: Show off your app and mobile designs! Place your finished work inside the mask layer to see a realistic mockup of how your finished piece will look. Includes 4 high-quality templates, including 2 iPhone views and 2 iPad views. Clipping masks for your art on the iPhone and iPad screens make it smooth and realistic.
  13. Assorted Icons Pack: A nice assortment of icons including social media, fuel, web and computer, green and environment, and more. Offered as .AI / .EPS.
  14. 50 Assorted Grunge Textures: This HD image set includes stained metal, grunge walls, weathered tanks and military aircraft, hammered and scratched metal, stained concrete and more! Offered as hi-resolution 8MP .jpg files.
  15. Ultrashock Aviation Vector Set: This set includes 36 commercial and military helicopters and airplanes in various angles. Files offered as .AI files.
  16. Book And Magazine Templates: Show off your print and layout designs! Place your finished work inside the mask layer to see a realistic mockup of how your finished piece will look. Includes 5 high-quality templates, including 2 Book views and 3 Magazine views, and clipping masks for your art on the Book and Magazine pages and covers.
  17. Solarseven Label Collection: This collection contains various labels and banners, QR and bar codes, sketchy hand drawn arrows, stickers and text bubbles. Offered as .AI files.
  18. Plants and Nature Vector Series: This series includes popular plant flourishes, exotic birds, frogs and fish, butterflies and insects, bonsai trees and more. Offered as .AI files.
  19. Go Media Arsenal Coupon: Go Media is a progressive design studio based in Cleveland Ohio, known for creating premium quality design elements such as vector art, textures, fonts, brushes, etc. Apply the included coupon code at checkout in your order to receive 25% off!
  20. Holiday Vector Set: The Christmas and holiday season can really sneak up on you, so these images will surely come in handy! Set features various Christmas and holiday themed elements and backgrounds. Offered as .AI files.
  21. Vintage Paper and Stamp Set: Assorted vintage and antique paper set including old postcards, blank paper and cards, envelopes and more. Includes two bonus material files (Go Media Vintage stamp effect Photoshop action, and Airmail Postage by Mikemcd. Offered as hi-resolution 8MP .jpg / .AI / .EPS files.
  22. Tiled Backgrounds: This seamless HD image set includes cracked paint and mud, metal, rock, wood, concrete, and more! Offered as hi-resolution 8MP .jpg files.

Incredible creative items with a total download size over 2.5GB, all bundled together at an amazing low price! What’s not to love about this bundle? Head over to the Cult of Mac Deals page now and grab it for only $49.99 before this deal wraps up!