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Mastering Notification Center: Only See Certain Types Of Calendar Events [OS X Tips]


Sweet customization!
Sweet customization!

In OS X Mountain Lion, you can set a Calendar notification for a repeating event on your iPhone, then get that notification on your Mac. Heck, you can even set a Calendar event on your Mac and get it when you’re out and about with your iPhone or iPad. It’s all a part of Apple’s iCloud integration, and it works pretty well, most days.

But what if you really don’t want to be notified of a certain type of event when you’re on your Mac? With OS X Mountain Lion, at least, you have a few more options for notifications that come from Calendar. Check it out.

Launch Calendar from your Mac’s dock, Applications folder, or wherever else you’ve placed it. Once it’s open, go ahead and click on the Calendar menu. Select Preferences from there, and then click on the Alerts button in the upper right–the one that looks like one of those old-fashioned cheerleader megaphones.

Click on the menu next to Events to set the way your Mac will notify you when a generic Event is scheduled. Then click on the menu by All Day Events, to set a different notification interval, or even no notifications at all. You can also set the default notification for the Birthdays calendar, which is a handy way to make sure you never forget that special someone’s annual celebration again.

At the bottom, you can Turn off shared calendar messages as well as invitation messages in Notification Center, to even further customize your Notification Center experience. Woo hoo!

Close the Preferences window, and quit out of Calendar. Now your Mac will notify you using Notification Center the way you want it to, rather than the default way Apple set it up, which is how all computing should be done, really.

Via: MacLife