Piccure Photoshop Plugin Removes Blur From Your Shaky Photos



Adobe might be planning on shipping a shake-correcting tool with the next version of Photoshop, but Piccure is a beta plugin which you can download right now to fix camera blur in the same app – all without paying Adobe like $600 for a new version of the app you already own.

Piccure certainly looks to have the goods, but I can’t test it as I gave up on Photoshop years ago (I now use Acorn, which takes much less than an hour to launch). The good news is that the plugin is free, at least while in beta, so you can test it yourself.

There are various levels of correction, and your success rate will depend on just how bad the source photo is: blurring kills picture information after all, so a really badly shaken image can’t really be helped. The procedure is also, it would seem, processor intensive:

If the processing takes too long, either buy a faster computer, grab a coffee, or try resizing your images before starting piccure. Often the original resolution is more than you actually need

Still, in these days of optical image stabilization and amazing-quality high-ISO shooting, the blur most of use get will be minimal. And that’s just where Piccure shines, letting you polish away the little blurs that mar an otherwise perfect shot.

I’m hoping that a Lightroom version becomes available soon, as LR seems to be able to play nice with many other PS plugins, and is the place you really want a plugin that’ll help fix your photos.