Weird iMessage Glitch Deletes Last Word Of Users’ Texts



There’s a weird glitch that has started affecting Apple’s iMessage platform. When users text certain phrases over iMessage the last word of the text is deleted once its sent, but a large space is left behind where the word once was.

Right now there are only a couple known phrases that appear to be affected by the glitch, and one of them involves Obama. To test for the glitch, send someone an iMessage of the phrase “I could be the next Obama” but leave a trailing space at the end.

Everything will look fine when you hit send, but then the last word suddenly disappears on both users’ screen. The glitch also works with the phrase, “The best prize is a surprise”

What’s also interesting about the glitch is if you copy the glitched text back into the iMessage composer, you’ll see the full phrase. The trailing space at the end seems to be the key reason behind the disappearing words, but it only occurs with some phrases.

The issue has been plaguing iPhone owners for months, but it only occurs on the iPhone. iMessage users on iPad and Mac will be able to see the message in its entirety. Apple has yet to comment on the glitch, but if you discover any new phrases that trigger the glitch, tell us about them in the comments below.


Via: The Verge