Apple Posts New TV Ad, ‘Photos Every Day,’ On YouTube Channel [Video]


Now that’s pretty. Apple just posted a HD video of its new, poignant TV ad, “Photos Every Day,” on its YouTube Channel.

In the ad, a beautiful solo piano piece plays over images of people backpacking, skate boarding, running, window shopping, beach combing, travelling, and in the rain taking pictures of cityscapes, concert, crowds, dessert, dinner, gymnastics, goofing off, landscapes, jellyfish, and tourists in cars, in houses, out in nature, and from above and under beds. It ends with a cute little kid in a pink dinosaur footie pajamas giggling at a photo on an iPhone.

The ending voiceover says, “Every day, more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other camera.”

Simple, pleasant, classy. Apple.

Source: Apple YouTube

  • MattGodfrey

    I think their television spots are getting very insipid! Is this a reflection of the old and new CEO’s?

  • bm

    I Like this one much better than other recent Apple ads. Capture the beauty in your life, because it has become so easy to do so.

  • CharilaosMulder

    Beauty, shows the thoughtless use of great technology to enrich life. Apple should never forget this vision. Think about which features are important, and make ’em the very best they can be, instead of constantly changing and/or adding useless stuff.