The Best Roguelike Games On Mac & iOS [Feature]


An infinitely deep and replayable world of RPG gaming awaits.
  • chthonian

    So I sincerely hope that the few hundred people out there who read these words will be kindred spirits, and that they will discover the love for roguelikes that gripped me when I was just a four-year-old, sitting in front of my mother’s ancient AT&T Unix terminal as I typed “rogue” into a command prompt for the first time.

    Yes, yes, this, all this. Oh man. As one of those few hundred people, thank you SO much for writing this article. In this modern age of gaming, I always thought I hated dungeon crawling (e.g. wandering through side dungeons in Oblivion/Skyrim; I still don’t like it) and hated fiendish difficulties… but trying out Don’t Starve recently made it all come rushing back. My hindbrain knew of the existence of roguelikes as a sub-genre, but until this week, I didn’t know that that’s what they were called. And researching them this week helped me re(!)-discover that they were actually a significant part of my childhood, like Castle of the Winds on Windows or Scarab of Ra on Mac (it was through trying to find the name of this game that Google led me, oddly enough, to this article).

    Which then led to “Hey, I used to love these, so where have they gone over the past fifteen years?” — and this list helped show me that the subgenre is still going strong; the world of roguelikes is so much larger and complex than my brief forays into it as a child; and I’m looking forward to trying it out properly. There’s just something about the tension of wandering and survival and perma-death; it’s a unique kind of minimalist anxiety different from, say, survival horror. I remember wandering monochromatic screens in terror, with my child’s imagination turning pixelated tiles into enormous, legitimately frightening monsters — in a way that other RPGs simply don’t, because even the best-designed monsters of Final Fantasy don’t have that sense of real danger in permadeath. I’ll definitely be trying out a few of the ones you’ve recommended! Thanks again.

  • Hadn’t known about Brogue. Looks more fun than Skyrim or The Old Republic to me!