Mastering iCloud On Your Mac: Manage Your iTunes Match Settings [OS X Tips]



iTunes Match lets you access your music library from any Mac and any iOS device, as long as you are authenticated to each one. It uses the power of iCloud to see what music tracks you own, so you don’t have to sync each individual track to each device like the olden days. With iTunes Match enabled, you can play and download tracks to up to ten different iOS, Mac or Apple TV devices you log in to. Here’s how to manage your subscription.

Launch iTunes, and then log in to your account settings in the iTunes store. On the general Account Info page, you’ll see a section called iTunes in the Cloud under your Apple ID summary. You’re able to manage all the registered devices here, as well as turn your auto-renew settings off and on.

Look at the Manage Devices window to see the list of all the devices that are logged in as iTunes Match devices, listed by the date you added each device. You can remove each device manually here as well, freeing up one of your ten allotted spots. It can take up to 90 days to totally remove a device from your list of authenticated devices, though, so you want to plan ahead.

You can turn off auto-renew in the iCloud section of the iTunes account settings, as well, to keep it from automatically renewing the $25 per year subscription, which gets renewed precisely one year after you buy it.

To disable an iOS device from using iTunes Match, you can tap into the Settings app, and go into the Music section to manage your iTunes Match settings there.