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Aeropress Timer App For Coffee-Loving Nerds



If you like good coffee and don’t own an Aeropress, you’re missing out – the thing is just $30 and it’ll make better coffee than a stovetop moka pot, and it’s fun to use to boot.

And better still, there’s now a companion app. Developed by Jarrod Glasgow, Aeropress Timer is an iPhone app which combines Aeropress recipes with a countdown timer for the perfect cup, every time.

The Aeropress, made by the folks behind the Aerobie, is essentially a big syringe with a filter instead of a needle. You mix coffee and hot water inside, stir, and press. Out comes a strong, almost espresso-like brew. It’s quick, easy and – if you care about such things – very clean.

And it can also be hacked extensively.

The Aeropress Timer app has recipes for various methods, including the most common hack of all, the Inverted Method, which essentially means turning the device upside down so you can let the coffee steep for longer (in the “upright” position the coffee will start to drip out of the Aeropress almost as soon as you pour in the water).

Apart from the actual recipes, the app – obviously – has a clock so you can time each stage perfectly. This might sound silly, but 30 seconds can make such a huge difference to the result, so you really need to do things properly.

The app costs $2, which means it’ll be the least of your expenses. Once you start down this road there is no return, and you’ll be hunting down fancy coffees and worrying about “bloom” and “extraction” as you spend a fortune on freshly roasted beans.

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