Hubbl Sends Daily Free Apps, Tailored To Your Taste, Right To Your Passbook


Hubbl's Passbook page (left), and Cult of Mac's channel in the Hubbl app. You've added our feed, right?

If you’ve been catching our Daily Freebie posts, you’ve no doubt snagged some of the fantastic free apps out there — or been alert enough to snag an amazing deal when this or that killer app goes free for a short time. But there are other tools that help make sure you don’t miss out on all those great free apps. Hubbl is one of those tools and we’ve mentioned it in the past — but now it’s got a cool new trick that we’ve never seen before.

Hubbl uses sophisticated algorithms to try to figure out what your taste in apps is like, and then it scours through hundreds of thousands of apps to find the ones it thinks you want. You can even add channels (there’s a great one titled “Cult of Mac”) that’ll feed app discovery from all your favorite blogs (ahem). The big news this week is that you can now get daily recommendations for free apps from Hubbl delivered straight to your iPhone’s Passbook.

The process is pretty easy. Just navigate to in Safari on your iPhone, and a button will let you add the app to Passbook. After that, you’ll see a new free app every day, and can download them by following a link to the App Store. Huzzah!

  • markrlangston

    This is a pretty neat trick to have this available via Passbook but while the process is pretty painless I don’t understand why there’s not an even faster, more efficient way to add apps to Passbook. Why isn’t there an “Add to Passbook” link within the app itself? Shouldn’t Passbook have a search feature that scours your iPhone for Passbook compatible apps then have you confirm/deny integration?

    Even better, when you open an app and you’re getting prompted for current location and push notifications why not have a “Would you like to add this card/app to Passbook?” prompt.

    Just feels like Apple is purposely ignoring what I believe is a very useful and formidable app and if they’re not careful Samsung, who’s already stolen the icon and design of the app, will bypass them.

  • fetchmobile

    This could very well take off since user experience is key.