Budsnaps Clip Loose-Fitting Earbuds To Your Ears [Kickstarter]



Did you ever try on a pair of your mother’s clip-on earrings? Or maybe you own a pair yourself. If so, you’ll be familair with the way they use a small and cleverly designed clamp to clip the gaudy bauble to your ear.

Now, the Budsnaps are just like this, only instead of a dangling decoration, they secure your iPhone earbuds.

The Budsnap, on Kickstarter, is a tiny, lightweight plastic widget containing a hinge and a clip. The clip holds the cylindrical shaft of your buds and the clamp grabs ahold of the flesh and cartilage at the rear of the ear.

I’m itching to try these out – I have earholes that seem to have been designed specifically to drop earbuds as soon as I take a single step. The only ones that I can get to stay in were custom-molded as part of a test, and that’s not nearly as cheap an option as the $10 you’ll have to pitch to get in line for a pair of Budsnaps.

Better still, these things should keep working with your next pair of short-lived earbuds. And the next.

There are almost two months left on this newly-minted Kickstarter project, but don’t let that stop you checking it out.

Source: Kickstarter

Via: iMore.com