Ending Soon: 3-In-One iPhone Photo Lens Kit [Deals]


CoM - iOS Camera Lens

It’s understood that iOS cameras are insanely high-quality given their size. The only real knock about them is the fixed lens. Today’s Cult of Mac Deals offer aims to “fix” that – pun totally intended – with this compact lens kit. It includes 3 versatile options that fit snugly over your iOS lens with a tech-friendly magnet – and you can get this kit for only $25!

(Please note: This offer – which includes free shipping – is only available to customers in the United States and Canada.)

The 0.67x Wide Lens is perfect for capturing landscapes, sporting events, or anything else that requires a little more lens. The Macro Lens lets you get in nice and tight for a highly detailed close-up. You can also pop on the 180 Degree Fish Eye Lens for a more artistic shot.

Here are the top features of this lens kit:

  • Improves the quality of the pictures you take on your iOS Devices.
  • 3 Lens options: 0.67x Wide Lens, Macro Lens, and 180 Degree Fish Eye Lens.
  • Developed from incredibly lightweight material that won’t bulk down your device.
  • Tech-friendly magnet makes for quick removal that won’t affect your phone cosmetically.
  • Compatible with iPhone 4/4S/5 and all iPads.

To find out more about this offer – including all of the important reminders and to see how each lens performs – head over to the Deals page.

If you’re not a fan of silver, you can also choose from a black or red kit, meaning you’ll get the look you want for your accessories and your photos.

So grab any one of the iOS Camera Lens 3 Pack kits today for just $25 – and take your iPhotography to the next level with this incredible Cult of Mac Deals offer before it expires!