Photoshop, Now On Your iPhone



It had to happen eventually: Photoshop for your phone. As of today you can buy Photoshop Touch for the iPhone and Android, and it pretty much does everything you can do on the iPad version.

It’ll cost you $5, and that’s in addition to the $10 you already paid for the iPad version. And it’s worth every penny. Based on a quick run through on my iPhone 5, I already love Photoshop Touch. It’s as snappy as you’d expect from the iPhone’s speedy A6 processor, and the interface doesn’t even feel squashed into the smaller screen. Just as Adobe re imagined Photoshop for tablets, it has done the same for phones. Only a bit less, as it’s still mostly the same.

All features are intact, from the filters, to layers (and super-easy layer styles), through the quick-n-easy scribble select tool to the Camera Fill feature (insert camera images straight into your document), which is even more useful on the portable iPhone.

You can also use the app in any orientation, even upside-down in portrait.

In short, if you have a spare $5 and a half hour to spend playing, then go grab this now. It’s Photoshop. On a phone.