Announces Free Limited Account Tier, But It's Invite Only | Cult of Mac Announces Free Limited Account Tier, But It’s Invite Only


Not Twitter: on Netbot
Not Twitter: on Netbot

If you haven’t heard of yet, it’s a cloud platform that’s kind of like Twitter, except it’s ad-free, so you have to pay a monthly fee to use the social network.

Starting today you can setup your own account for free. It comes with some limitations on what you can do, and the only way to get the free account is via an invite from a paid member, but if you’re curious about the platform, the free account might be a hell of a deal.

With the free account you can follow a maximum of 40 users (paid accounts can follow an unlimited number of users. You also get 500MB of free file space (paid accounts get 10GB), and can upload files as large as 10MB (paid accounts can do 100MB).

While started as a Twitter-clone, the platform has morphed into a cloud platform that offeres a messaging system, and online storage. To get a free account all you have to do is kindly beg your friends to send you an invite. Each paid user has a limited number of invites though, so get ready to charm your buddies into giving you a free pass.



Via: iMore