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Plink, An Image Uploader For All iOS Text Editors


Did you ever try to write a blog post on your iPad? It’s easy, right? But did you ever try to add an image to that post? It’s a major pain in the ass. Plink is here to fix that. It’s an iOS app that will upload a photo to its own storage cloud, and generate a URL that is automatically copied to your clipboard. All you need to do is switch back to your writing app and paste it in.

And of course this isn’t just for bloggers. Anywhere you need to link an image – forum posts for example – you can use Plink.

Sunlit App Builds Photo Journals Using Dropbox, App.net And Foursquare


sunlit app

Today is turning out to be photo-journal app Friday, with the latest entry in the list from iOS developer Manton Reece. It’s called Sunlit, and it’s a way to put together a journal of your daily meanderings with photos, text and check-ins. And here’s the twist: the free app uses App.net as it’s storage backend, so you can finally get some use for that account you signed up for but never use,

App.net Announces Free Limited Account Tier, But It’s Invite Only


Not Twitter: app.net on Netbot
Not Twitter: app.net on Netbot

If you haven’t heard of App.net yet, it’s a cloud platform that’s kind of like Twitter, except it’s ad-free, so you have to pay a monthly fee to use the social network.

Starting today you can setup your own App.net account for free. It comes with some limitations on what you can do, and the only way to get the free account is via an invite from a paid member, but if you’re curious about the platform, the free account might be a hell of a deal.

AppNet Rhino Is App.net’s First Native iOS Client


Like Twitter, only less of a control-freak.



Rhino has become the first native iOS client for Alpha.app.net available in the App Store. App.net, you may remember, is a Twitter-like platform whose social networking service – Alpha – costs users $50 to join. Up until now, users have had to struggle along with a web view, or get invited to one of the many beta (and alpha!) programs for new apps.