Send URLs Right To Gmail App With This Mobile Safari Bookmark [iOS Tips]


Send to Gmail Bookmarklet

So, you’re surfing along on your iPhone or iPad and you want to email your buddy a fantastic new site that you’ve found. You hit the Share button, and then curse because it sends it to the default iOS Mail app. But you use the Gmail app! How will you fix this horrible, first-world problem? With a bookmark, of course.

Here’s how.

First, launch Safari, and load a webpage. This one is fine. Now, tap on the Share button at the bottom of the screen, the icon that looks like a square with a curved arrow pointing up and out to the right. Tap on Bookmark, and then hit the X to delete whatever page title is auto-populated there. Type in something like Send To Gmail, then replace the URL in the next box down with the following code. I recommend you copying and pasting it to make sure it’s right, and all one line.


Hit Save at the top to get out of the bookmark creation screen. You’ll end up back in Safari.

Now, whenever you’re humming along the information superhighway using your iOS device, you can tap on the Bookmarks icon at the bottom (it looks like a book), select Send to Gmail, and–if your Gmail app is running in the background–set up an email to send with the URL of the webpage you wanted to share and a subject that’s set to the title of that same webpage. Slick, huh?

Source: Mac Stories
Via: Macworld Hints

  • HubAir27

    How is an older person supposed to get it runnin’ ?
    I guess not via the “intuitive” UI!
    Does this workaround do the job only when gmail is runnin’ already?
    That would be pretty much useless then, wouldn’t it?
    Well, I’d better stick with my non-iOS devices for now!
    Please let me know when iOS gets sharing capabilities beyond email,twitter and Facebook.
    Then I’d consider using it (at least to try it out).
    Is there also a workaround for getting Google Maps launching by default instead of AppleMaps?

  • davorpeic

    Hi, it doesn’t allow editing url field on ios 6.1 (iphone 4s), only field I can change is name and bookmark target?